Orkut videos - attraction on the raise

Orkut the popular social network in India and Brazil under the ownership of Google is these days decorated a lot to attract the large user databases of developed countries like USA and Uk.Google is trying to make it attractive to users through all means.The makeup started when Google took over orkut.Google has set some stupid people to code for orkut.They loaded up the whole site with Java script buttons which makes it unaccessible through proxy sites[especially PHP] for people in colleges .Most people in colleges prefer myspace because its easily accessible for them through proxies where as orkut has https protocol for its login form making it unaccessible.Even if the page loads those Java script buttons are not gonna work,I don't understand why Google coders still use them.The next feature they had come up is removing all the hacks of java scripting,adding hyper links to passions,hobbies and all [copied Myspace].Next they added ads to orkut ,started publishing google services ads on the homepage of the profile.They started decorating the orkut for occasions like festivals,imp dates.....Today they again came up with a new feature of adding videos.
The video link is seen just beside the photos link of each profile.

Want to upload your own video to share? Upload videos to Google Video or YouTube and add the URL here to share on orkut.
(Sample: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoid or http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=videoid)
Insert the URL in the text box provided and you are done.

Whatever Google do the error of no donut for you on orkut server still comes to users many a times.Hope Google will rectify the older problems first before adding new features.

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