Quick tips for Adbrite : A adsense alternative

Adbrite ,one of the good alternatives of adsense gives you very good control of the ads to be displayed on your page unlike adsense.The various features in adbrite include control over ads,settign your price bid manually or automatically.showing the advertisers where you are going to place their ad .....Here are some tips for adbrite

  1. Never start your pricing too high. If you set your price high in the starting the less of them will come.You should concentrate on getting some advertisers in the start.
  2. Make sure your placement is worth buying.Show the places which shows their ads in the best way.
  3. Spend some time tagging your site and giving proper demographic information.
  4. In your site description provide ideas of advertisers that you think might convert well. You know your audience best.
  5. AdBrite is more successful if you sell a few premium placements as opposed to just many backfill placements.
  6. putting adbrite in rotation might not work much better,
  7. AdBrite is a tool to help sell your space, and think of it as a virtual salesperson for you. Any salesperson needs some time to gain traction. Just like an auction, the beginning price is never the final price.Just keep you site in the market for sometime.
  8. Lure your adertisers with occasional special pricing,So that they keep coming to you.
  9. Enable AdBrite's auto pricing which will raise automatically as inventory sells, and lower itself as vacant inventory sits unsold.

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