Inferno Indian blogger hunt 2007

On Feb 9th and 10th 2007 (online events continues till 15th March) AIMK celebrates it's annual B-school management fest Inferno'07. Events are Portfolio Guru, Brand-it, Creative CV writing, Negociado, Indian B-School Blog Hunt and many more.Inferno-07' would be witnessing some unique concepts like Creative CV writing (company based CV with 99% value for creativity), Face to Face (Student taking interviews of other student), Blog Hunt (a search for Indian B-School Blog of the year), The way out (A real Ad agency solution), Sell your face (painting your face to sell your product), and also other events like BrandIT (A game based on STP), Portfolio Guru and many more. Almost 50% of the programs are virgin ideas, which are expected to leave a long lasting mark
Five point someone blog is already there in the blog hunt.If you want to vote for Five point someone write comment here.Your vote will be counted only if you become a member by signing up.

If the above link is not working properly go to this page
Click on the thumbsup icon next to click to vote in the page and write your comment in the popup window.Its going to be one of the proper blogger hunt unlike ibibo.
is also participating in Indibloggers 2007 competition in the categories best new blog,best design blog and nest Indiblog.I thank the readers for the continued support to the blog.
Apart from the blog hunt one more competition is there which is looking quite interesting,Creative CV writing. What you have to do here is you make a CV which no one has made earlier.The most creative one will be awarded.The most good thing with the inferno is they came to pick the talent from online unlike the other fests which send invites to colleges.This competition is open to everyone.I strongly recommend my other blogging readers to submit thier blogs for the blog hunt

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This post is highly appreciated. Please ask your visitors to vote as a member, as votes by guests will not be counted for obvious reasons. I have clearly mentioned it on the voting card.

This blog is really cool, wishing you all the very best. Its always good to try new things and support news things. Thanks dear for your help. I have mailed your blog url to our alumni group.

I read your comment on http://youthcurry.blogspot.com/2007/02/calling-students-graduates-from-these.html

I would like to explain why we do not participate in competitions outside our campus.

1.Our academic schedule is very rigorous. We have a continuous evaluation system-->frequent surprise tests. So we really cannot afford to miss days of classes together.

2.Since we do not venture outside for other fests does not mean we are bookish( I can't fathom what made you reach that conclusion!). We have a lot of freedom and opportunity to pursue what we want to, considering we do not have an attendance system.

3.The clubs and student run associations are the most active in the whole country. Can you imagine any college having half a dozen events every single weekend? All student organized. It could be anything, from a guest lecture to dumb charades. All student organized.

Every student is involved in some club or the other. Contrary to being bookish, most of us are all-rounders. We play sports, manage events, freak out on music-nites, and yes, study hard.

To tell you the truth, I was very amused that somebody was saying we guys only study, because we really don't, at least everybody I know doesn't. We guys have a lot of fun, a lot. We are not, what you call 'frog in a well'. The internet and newspapers are well made used of. Every free weekend means a trip. If you think that visiting some college for their fest makes somebody an all-rounder, then dude, you got to think again.

Though this semester, the scene here has slowly changed and the institute has become liberal for students who want to represent BITS outside. So you'll see us guys around for some of the fests happening in the country.


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