How to make a sitemap for your blogger blog ??

There may be other ways for creating a sitemap for your blogger blog.But here Ill tell you the simplest way by which you can create a site map for your blog.Just follow the instructions below and you will have your site map in minutes.

  1. Visit Google Webmaster Tools sitemaps page and sign up to a free account.Blogspot accounts are now integrated with google accounts.So use your google login for making a Google webmaster account.
  2. Once you sign in to the webmaster,Go to Webmaster tools [Including sitemaps].In that page,You will find "Add site".Enter the URL of your site and press Ok.
  3. Now after adding your blog, you need to get it verified.For that ,click on "Manage:URL of your site" on the webmaster tools page.In the new page that opens now,click on Manage Site Verification in the left side menu.
  4. On the verification page,you will find your verification Meta tag which will look something like this
  5. Now go to your blogger dashboard,click on template and paste this code in the section of the code.Now save the changes of your template.
  6. Now go to sitemaps tab on the top menu in Google webmasters central.
  7. In that click on Add a sitemap and then choose general web sitemap in the dropdown menu.Now it will ask you for the URL of your sitemap location.Your blogs Atom feed is your sitemap now.
  8. So paste the link of your atom feed now.If you have your blog feed,the your atom feed will be http://Blog URL/atom.xml?orderby=updated .Now click ok and you are done.Now it will show your sitemap in the sitemaps page as atom.xml.After few hours,it will review your site map and will set your status to pending.After some hours you will find the status set to Ok.
Now Google will index your pages much faster than earlier.So update your pages and get more visitors from search now .

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By default, atom.xml only contains 25 posts. If you want you increase the number of posts in your atom.xml, change your URL to:


This will give you 100 posts. I think blogger has a limit on the number of posts in your atom.xml file, but I am not sure what it is.

If you have more than 100 posts, simply add another URL to get the next batch:


I hope you get the idea.

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Nice trick dude....but i will suggest if you can ellobrate it more..coz u missing the post url..ther are total four entries...for it..

Thanks. I already added site map for my fashion clothing blog.

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i added sitemap for my software blog www.appsdownload4u.blogspot.com using above guide.

Oh thanks nice info... but i wanted to know one thing. I have switched my blogger.com to www.celebsimage.com , in this case how can i submit the sitemap ?????

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Very simple article to create sitemap. Thanks! I created sitemap of my blog using this method, and it worked like a charm


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is submitting a sitemap by this way u said..

http://Blog URL/atom.xml?orderby=updated

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and will it index all the posts i have?

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I just found this page. It very helpfull, but the layout of webmaster tools has changed.

Thanks, sorry, my english is very bad.

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hi good tip but I know this thing I just came here to know how to create a xml site map and include it to my blog as rss will include only recent posts

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i've to make and submit to Google Sitemap in 2 hours my blog status is verified :)

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Thanks a lot for this guide. I was able to submit my sitemap. Let's see if my new blog can be indexed quickly.

Nice share. As I turn to a custom domain, the new domain seems to be hardly indeyed by google. Thanks, I’ll try your tutorial.

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I want Archive to show every post of the blog

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Excelent post. Thanks for the clear information. I implemented on my blog http://montreal-blog.blogspot.com
Another thanks for Fahd Shariff witch clarified why atom.rss show just 25 post in standard version and what to do to show all the posts in the sitemaps. Thanks

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Great article, I have been wondering how to do this. Is there a way to give structure to a site map, instead of just using the feed as the map? Thanks

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