TCS medical test

Before you are finalised into TCS , you are required to undergo some medical tests.Most of my friends who didn't undergo through these tests yet are worried about them.For those I'm sharing my experience so that they will have a little bit idea about the tests.You are required to report there with empty stomach.

Venue : Kumar's clinic
Adress : C block,Greater Kailash
Place: New Delhi

Time :11:00

As soon as you enter,they will ask you to fill a form about your health details and your family health details.Once you are done with filling the form,they will take you for X ray.Then they will take you to ECG.Next they will check your height and weight. After that they will take you to blood test lab where a sample of your blood will be taken.Then they will collect your urine sample.After that they will take you to physical tests section,where you are checked from top to bottom physically.Next they will proceed to eye tests,where each eye is checked individually.Then the doctor will check you for colour blindness by just asking to read the letters from a book which will be in different colours.
With this the process will be completed.If the people are less,they will show you your results there only.For one of my friend,they asked him to reduce drinking alcohol as he has more fat in his liver.Rejections in my college came for those who have colour blindness.Unless you have some very serious problem,there is nothing to worry.Just chill and give the tests.


thank u dude.......good job...

thank you for this info....really helpful to me...takecare an god bless u

Hello Guys,
i got selected in tcs and i too have partial color blindness but i was not rejected.they take a declaration from me that all.

i have been selected by tcs.. i am going for medical test day after tomo..vision in my one eye is normal.. but vision in my another eye is almost dead.. please tell me will i will be rejected..

i have partial color blindness
i am also worried a bit for it may not beome the point of rejection.

hi i m selected in tcs but my medical test is yet to come
i've a artificial elbow in my right hand . i will be rejected or selected plz tell me

hi frds.......i ve selected for tcs....my right eye is blind.....no vision.......but left eye is 6/6........will i be able to clear the medical test of tcs.........

hi frnds...i m selected for tcs...i m very much underweight ..jst want to know is there any lower limit of weight..will i be selected or rejected just bcoz of this..plz help me out...plzzzz

Hi Friends
My Eye Power is pretty high
Do you think they can fail me on those grounds
I'm not colorblind

hi frnds i am selected for tcs via campus drive
i want to know whether the the physical tests that they carry out ....i.e whether they would ask off to take our clothes off or not and the pants and all...plz reply to vssut195@yahoo.com,,it will be kind of u..

i am partially color blind ... will i be rejected ..... coz there is no mention in the norms that color blind people r not able to sit fr tcs

Hi Dear,

I m expecting , can u please tell me, even then also i would be selected

hey one of ma eye is good.. another is almost dead as the one stated above.. can yo tell me your status friend.. im really afraid.. :(

thnks 4 giving such a fruitful info

hi they might be looking for driving license in u.s or ui designers shd know about color balance thats why they reject.

Easy dude..Its a part of standards that you need not have color blindless.. As part of your posting towards onsite, color blindness check will be done for embassies.And you have great chance of getitng rejected so they want 2 b cautious upfront.

hey guys.. :( one of my eye is almost dead... :( other one is perfect.... wats my status now?????????

please do respond to my query frnds... :(

its really irritating.. y do they conduct these sorts of tests... or else they should listed out the medical standards that one must possess.... real talents are ditched because of these tests...

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can any one give the details of physicaltest which was conducted by tcs?

each eye is checked individually??
means wt........

plz do rply to previous questn.......
they r really important 4 us.......
especially abt d eye test........

send me the medical fitness format to join in tcs

is one eyed person is elligible in tcs or not? tell me plz................

plz tell me am i elligible in tcs or not?.........my right eye is normal but left eye is visionlees..............plz tell me my email id is gk6104@gmail.com..........

i have partial color blindness
i am also worried a bit for it may not beome the point of rejection.

Hi Dude
I have impaired kidney function with creatinine of 2.5 mg/dl and is it going to stop me from joining TCS

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