Test series

You might be wondering why there is a gap for new posts since the last two days.I just wanted to write this before , but time didn't permit me.I was busy with my test series 2 which was completed yesterday.I took up two subjects in this semester as my electives.One is Spread Spectrum Techniques and other is Knowledge Management.Ahh!!! Spread Spectrum course is a bit tougher this time.Course is WCDMA ,Multi user detection and two research papers with theme of performance evaluation of CDMA system.Lot of stuff for mugging which I tried to manage hardly.Anyways the paper went on fine.Moreover I made 2-3 diagrams of systems in the paper apart from regular theory.I hope Sharma ji give me good marks this time :) .
After that I had KM.I pray these Professional department (PD) teachers to treat us like engineers not MBA's.JIIT noida PD department provides you with such a high range numerical problems that are tougher even than mathematics and physics problems.I remember my days when I struggled in the Managerial Economics and Financial management in my 3rd sem,when the numerical s used to be damn big and tougher.The same happened with KM also this time.When I saw the paper,there are just 4 questions in which 2 of them are high weighted numerical problems whose solutions can't be determined.Still I have to pass the one hour time making something and something with common sense rather than bookish knowledge which I was doing in the PD papers since the last 4 years,hehe. Huhh!!! Anyways the test series went on good and We celebrated the ending with a A1 batch photo session and a party yesterday night.


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