How to remove autoplay option from Right click menu of hard disk drive ?

Most of my friends on my network always has this problem.Yesterday this problem even creeped into my PC.So,I did some search about this thing and found the solution.This problem is named as "Hacked by Godzilla Virus " by the people.It creates a auto play option on the right click menu of your hard disk drives making you unable to open them by double clicking.However you can open them by rightclick -->Open or Explore.It changes the text of Internet Explorer title bar to "Hacked by Godzilla".Now here is the solution :
  • Go to any folder.In that on the top menu go to Tools--> Folder Options , which will be beside File,Edit,View,Favourites.
  • A window pops up after you click on folder options.In that window go to View tab and select the option Show hidden files and folders.Now uncheck the option Hide protected Operating system files.Click Ok
  • Now Open your drives (By right click and select Explore. Don't double click!) Delete autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs or MS32DLL.dll (use Shift+Delete as it deletes files forever.) in all drives include Handy Drive and Floppy disk.
  • Open folder C:\WINDOWS to delete MS32DLL.dll.vbs or MS32DLL.dll (Use Shift+Delete )
  • Go to start --> Run --> Regedit and the Registry editor will open
  • Now navigate in the left pane as follows: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> Software --> Microsoft --> Windows --> Current Version --> Run .Now delete the entry MS32DLL (Use Delete key on keyboard)
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Software --> Microsoft --> Internet Explorer --> Main and delete the entry Window Title “Hacked by Godzilla”
  • Now open the group policy editor by typing gpedit.msc in Start --> run and pressing enter.
  • Go to User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System . Double Click on entry Turn Off Autoplay then Turn Off Autoplay Properties will display.Do as follows:
    • Select Enabled
    • Select All drives
    • Click OK
  • Now go to start --> Run and type msconfig there and press Enter.A system configuration utility dialogue will open.
  • Go to startup tab in it and uncheck MS32DLL .Now click Ok and when the system configuration utility asks for restart ,click on exit without restart.
  • Now go to Tools --> Folder Options on the top menu of some folder again and select the Do not show Hidden files and check Hide operating system files.
  • Go to your recyclable bin and empty it to prevent any possiblity of MS322DLL.dll.vbs lying there.
  • Now restart your PC once and you can now open your hard disk drives by double clicking on them.
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thanks, you don't know how i need this one. thanks a lot my friend.

omma omma omma !!

thnx 4ur compliment dude

thanx a lot dude

thnx yaar..thnx a lot...i was searching for a solution for this....keep rockin...

Good job....subhash..Cary on..god bless u ...

Mr.Prasad Joshi
computer professional

awesome man..!!! ... this later goes on to corrupt your drive too at times... Hated to see that x%&^xxx in the right click auto-run window

thanks a lot...been searching for the solution for a long time. tnx

I was able to disable autoplay option but when ever i start my system i am facing a windows saying"c:\windows\system32" can't find lsass.exe file and winamp showing error code 88780078

i lik you man, you are my savior!!!!!
i love you dude!!!!!!!!!!
will help to spread the method to help all other ppl.....

Thanks a lot man.I got rid of that **#$%%#$%$ thing finally!I will spread the good word.

Thanks dear friend.

i am happy to remove that virus GODGILLA.

it is creating problems for me.
and now very very thankful to u dude

Thanks a lot man, you're just great. Although i didn't find any MS32dll.vbs, my problem gone out.
Once again, thanks a lot.

Use auto run eater if you are lazy like me :)


thanks a lot for the compliment, although i was able to remove from my drive C, i cant do it for my drive D. please help with this. thanks again in advance and God Bless.

Hiiiiiiiiii very nice and detailed explanation mannnnn.........Cooool..........

Hiiiiiiiiii very nice and detailed explanation mannnnn.........Cooool..........

m facing this prob too but i cant fint ne file i mean ma PC is not showing me these files
autorun.inf and MS32DLL.dll.vbs or MS32DLL.dll
not even in ma Regedit
so i cant do nething i will b thank ful to u if u help me w8ing 4 ya reply Thankx

download fix.godzilla.exe from http://tec-updates.blogspot.com/2008/05/godzilla-virus-removal-ms32dlldllvbs.html

Try this too:

This perumal i had a problems. how do i get rid of this? Every time i click my local disk, it will prompt out a box. which cannot enter it. and now i have to right-click open.
and you know it will have right click properties auto play option. then my explore also have one home page "http://bituom.wordpress.com i will try do so many ways but no use.i have to search some web page their are give manual solutions. now our systems can”t be work

so plz i need your helpgmail.com

downn load software from tuneup 2007 install it check as disc doctor after checking the discs it says to restart then it takes time often hour . afer completion the errors will gayab

thanking u very much dude
hanking u very much
my d drive is not working
now it will working properly
thanking u again.........

thanQ prips....
if any,not able to find the above explained process ,then ..we simple use this s/w


thanks a lot man u really great hay my mail id is bastinrupesh@gmail.com if u have any stuf like this pls send to my mail id man i deadly need this kind of stuff pls help

thnx a lot man

Thanks dear friend.

i am happy to remove that virus GODGILLA.

it is creating problems for me

Thanks Dear Great job.

thanks!it's very helpful =)


i had tried it. yes, it done. but it come again n i done know why the file autoplay.exe wasn't there. but it open new window if i double click on my pendrive.. don't know what to do now..

thanks man,.your post really helped me....
i slightly applied this to "JD0717.dll.vbs" thing...you saved me...=D

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thanks for this information you are greate to guide me to solve my proplme

Abdelkhalig Elguzuli Musa
Sudan - Khartoum North

thank u very much yar. it really worked for me ....... now i can open my hard drives simply by a double click and it opens in the same window.
......... thanx alot once more......

...cool. thanks alot.

thnx man...i've just removed autoplay option from my hard disk...

I completely share your view points when it comes to this topic. I thought I was the alone who maneuver such a thinking process. But yeah finally I have got a company. Let’s search more on this and share over her. What say??

Still have same Problem not worked in windows xp

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