How to check the popularity of your webpage ??

Want to check your link popularity in search engines,social bookmarking sites.... ????Here is a tool which can help you check the popularity of your link in various websites like Google,Yahoo and all.Instead of going to each website like google,yahoo,live search and search for number of your backlinks there,this service Popuri gives you the information of your page rank and the number of backlinks in different sites.All you have to do is to write your site link in the text box there and click on get info.Here is list of the details popuri provides you.

Google page rank

Alexa rank Compete rank
Google backlinks
Yahoo backlinks
Live search backlinks
Technorati inbound links
del.icio.us bookmarks

Bloglines subscribers
WHOIS info
DNS info

Note : A domain with the "www." prefix will show different results than the same domain without it.

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