Blog is a qualification

Blogging is no more considered to be something done for time pass.A blog is now considered as an extra qualification for you to get a job.People now mention blog in their CV's.A blog shows you on the top of others with your exposure to the Computer much higher than your competitors in a software job interview.I personally have this experience.A blog can help you get through most of the part of your technical interview part.One of my friend Harsha,author of Grey Square, says
" The first thing the Interviewer saw on my CV was that I had a blog - This Blog. He was kind of impressed and asked me about the stuff I write among other things."
Harsha is now placed in wipro.
In the same way Ram from Torry Harris,co-author of Realview has also got placed in Torry Harris where all his tech-interview is done on his blog.As soon as the interviewer saw his blog link,he opened it and saw the blog.Then he asked him questions on How to buy domains,what is platform,How he wrote the code of his blog and all.
Finally in my case,The interviewer in my interview has asked me the same way with questions like "Define blog??","whats your niche in blog",How you get content?,"who visit your blog??" and all.Im now placed in TCS and Syntel.

Interviewers who don't know about blog might ask you out of curiousity and those who know will ask you to test how much knowledge you are having on the blogs.Companies test your willingness to learn and work.So show them in your way through a blog.All the best readers.

Note : Sometimes they might ask you a question "How much is your chance of taking up your blogging hobby as a profession ?? " .Reply them as "0%" and tell them you are doing it to utilise the free time you have.If you try to tell them that you are going to become a professional blogger,they think you will quit their company in future and might reject you.

If you have any such experience,don't forget to post it as comment.


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