Yahoo messenger hack for getting tabs in IM window

I already told you about the new Yahoo messenger for Windows Vista, which is getting worked up right from the ground level.It is going to come with themes that match with the Windows Vista and many other features like getting integrated with windows live messenger....It will also have one feature which makes it unique from the traditional yahoo messenger i.e tabbed IM windows as shown in the figure.In the present version, one more IM window opens for every conversation you do.But in the next version all the conversations will be done as tabs in a single window just like as it happens in Gaim , instead of messing up your taskbar with different windows.This tab feature is also present in Yahoo messenger 8.You can just use this feature by downloading the following registry hacks.First one is to on the feature and the second one is to turn it off.

Yahoo messenger 8 IM window tab on hack
Yahoo messenger 8 IM window tab off hack
After downloading the files,run the tabbed_im_on.reg file.It will ask something like this "Are you sure you want to add the information to the registry??" click on yes and it will say information added to registry.For turning the hack off,run the second file and do the same above procedure.

The problems with the tabbed feature is that it won't show any notification if there are new messages in the newly opened tabs.it wont show in which tab the new message has arrived.It even won't update the title of the IM window when you navigate through different tabs.wackyb has got a hack which corrects the problems.
Download the wackyb update for Yahoo messenger hack
The use guide for Wackyb hack can be found here.More information regarding Ymessenger tabs can be found on yahoo messenger blog

Note:Use at your risk.
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