Who is Adsense premium publisher ??

Adsense is no less that other companies in giving perks to its higher users.Adsense calls them premium publishers.One will considered a premium publisher only when their websites receive more than 5 million search queries, or 20 million content page views per month.Some of the examples of premium publishers are CNN,Linked in,AOL,Myspace...
So what perks does Google offer for its premium publishers ??Here is the list :

Creating direct links to 'AdSense for search' results - Adsense policies do not allow publishers to modulate Adsense for search box with keywords or create direct links to Adsense for search pages.However premium users can do this thing.They can modify their search box and can provide direct link to adsense for search pages where they will be no content and only adsense ads.

Google Ads Anywhere : Premium publishers can even put their ads on Adult and other pages where normal publishers are not allowed to do.Even premium publishers can place their adsense code on casino related content page which we are not allowed to.

Optional labelling- Premium publishers are free to remove the "Ads by Google" from Adsense ads and may put any label of their choice. Infact, they have the freedom to not mark the Adsense ad units as ads so that it can increase their CTR.

Flexible Adsense Ad Formats - They can design their own Adsense formats with custom font sizes, styles and color schemes. They can modify the ads in whatever way they like.

Finally premium publishers even negotiate the share of the earnings with Google.Not only this they even dedicate a manager for maintaining your adsense account.Whatever people say,Big always gets bigger and Adsense makes them more bigger.

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