How to set default OS when you have multiple windows OS ??

Windows Vista has just got released and it will take sometime for people to come up with softwares and all.So before that any user who want to install vista will always keep a older windows version like XP.If you have multiple OS,windows will ask to select one of them at the start.If you don't select it will take you the default one.So how to configure that default OS ??
If one of your OS is Vista,you have to change it from Windows Vista.

  • Right click on the computer and select properties.
  • Next,click on Advance system settings
  • Now click on settings under startup and recovery as shown in the fig.
  • Now select the default operating system from the drop down menu as shown in the fig.
You can also do this using command like we did in How to reduce space usage for system restore in Vista.Follow the steps below for doing this.
  • Open a administrator command prompt.Type cmd into the search box, and then hit Ctrl+Shift + Enter to open it in administrator mode. You should be prompted for the UAC dialog.
  • Now enter the following command
    bcdedit /default {ntldr}
For e.g C:\Windows\system32>bcdedit /default {ntldr} The operation completed successfully.
Next time when you reboot,you will see Xp as default OS.


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