How to turn off automatic updates messages in Windows ??

Microsoft has launched automatic updates services to help its users have much better functionality of OS and great security.Various security patches , functionality updates and bug fixes are normally downloaded through Windows Update.Every time an update is installed, Automatic Updates will prompt you to restart your system as shwon in the fig. If you choose 'Restart later', It will ask you again after 10 minutes until you restart the system.It's annoying to see this kind of message particulary when you are doing some serious work.SO how to turnoff this message alert ??Here is the solution

  • Go to start --> Run
  • Now open group policy editor by typing "gpedit.msc" in Run and hitting enter.
  • In the right pane,click on computer configuration
  • Now go to Administrative Templates --> Windows Components --> Windows Update
  • Now find "No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic updates installations.
    Right click on this ,go to properties and enable it.This actually specifies that for completing a installation,automatic updates will wait for a user to restart the computer instead of restarting automatically.By enabling,we are making it notify you about the installation.
  • Now find "Reprompt for restart with scheduled installations".
    Right click on this,Go to properties and enable it.Also set the time interval to a long time [For e.g 100 hours].This time represents the interval for prompting you again.By default it is set to 10 min.Thats why XP asks you every 10 minutes for restart.If you set it for longtime ,it won.t ask you again.
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Originally taken from : Virtual exit


I just did it, hope it works. If it does I owe you my life...

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