Adsense getting transformed

I know very little people who has been successful earlier with the Adsense referrals.Most of the publishers even feel it as a dead branch of Adsense.This concern has made Google come out with new plans in the past few months.Earlier it came out with a new pricing for referrals and now it is releasing Adsense Referrals beta.Unlike earlier where publishers have only four products of Google which are Google pack,FIrefox,adsense and adwords,Google will be going to give you option of choosing the products from different advertisers.The publisher will have full choice of choosing from a wide range of products.Just you have to tell for which keyword you want the ads to be displayed and Google will show you advertisers and their products related to your website.You have to just select the products you want and copy the code into your page.
These ads are cost per Action type.If your reader performs the action the advertiser wants,then only you will get paid.For e.g downloading and installing some software....But the pay will be more as it doesn't just need a click.This will boost you earnings if you properly choose the product to be displayed in your posts.You can even choose multiple products which will be displayed on rotation basis from different advertisers to be displayed in a single ad unit.

For the time being, the referrals beta test is currently available only to English-speaking publishers located in the United States.It will be opening to people in other locations soon.You can sign up for this adsense referrals beta by going to adsense referral page.Click sign up at the bottom of the page and it will take you the sign up form.
Apart from Adsense referrals beta,Google has even made some new changes to its existing CPC ads also.Unlike the text "Ads by Google" which used to appear earlier,it is shown in much stylish way with Google logo text.Google has even removed the borders between different links in a single ad unit making the ad look like text in the post.You can see these changes in my permalink pages.Hope these changes boost the earning of the publishers.Thanks to Google for its efforts to increase the earnings of publishers and itself.
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