Google voice local search : GOOG-411

Google labs has came out with its new product after a gap.The service is named GOOG-411 , A voice local search.
First of all for those who live outside United States and who don't have a idea about this number 411,Let me give you a idea of it.
"411 is a telephone number used in United States and Canada to provide local directory assistance.These days 411 is even used for long distance directory assistance in USA.411 is also commonly referred to as "DA" - "Directory Assistance" or "Information".Approximately 6 billion calls are made to 411 within the United States each year."
You saw that number - its 6 billion.Looks like Google has targeted such a huge user base this time with this service.The information database of this service is Google's own service,Google Maps. Using this you can get fast access to the same local information you would find on Google Maps.Don't think that you might need a computer or internet connection for using this service after hearing that it's from Google.All you need is a phone and you can access this voice activated service from any location at any time.
To try this service, just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) from any phone.Google is'nt going to charge you for the call or for connecting you to the business. Regular phone charges may apply, based on your telephone service provider.
Features that Google has provided on its site for this service

  • You can find a business listing by category. Just say "pizza," for example.
  • You can send the listing details to your mobile phone via SMS.
  • The service is fully automated, so it doesn’t rely on human operators.
  • It connects you directly to the business, free of charge. However, your telephone company may apply regular charges for making a phone call or receiving an SMS.
Right now since the product is in experimentation,it is available in US only and in English.

What about the quality ?

"Michael Arrington of TechCrunch says "The product is completely automated and there is no way to talk to a human for additional or clarifying information. You tell it your city and state, and then ask for a specific business or business category. In my tests the product was excellent. Although the voice recognition was only working at about 70% efficiency, I just said “back” and retried when it didn’t understand what I said. Results are spoken back or text messaged back to you, and you are automatically put through to the phone number requested."
Even if there are some bugs in the programme,Google will debug them by the time the product is out of experimentation.Don't worry about the quality.

If you have a business and your data is incorrect or you are listed,Just add yourself here.

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