How to enable autorun in USB drives ?

Whenever you insert a CD in CD drive , a .exe programme will run automatically,This feature is called autorun.If it's not able to detect the files,it will display a popup window which gives you different options to select like play media files,open the folder and so on.Normally this doesn't happen when you insert a USB drive as the Windows Autorun capabilities are restricted to CD-ROM drives and fixed disk drives.So how to enable autorun when you have USB drive ??
If you want to enable autorun in USB, the device must not be marked as a removable media device and the device must contain an Autorun.inf file and a startup application file.It is a complicated process to add this autorun functionality to your USB drive. But there is some software which does the same thing for you.

Autorun USB : AutoRun USB does the same thing for USB Flash Drives that autorun.inf files do for CD's! It automatically launch the program of your choice on your USB Flash Drive everytime you plug it in! No more searching for exe's through file explorer, just plug it in and go!.Right now the version number is 4.0 which is not a freeware and you can get the 7 day demo from here for this version.But the earlier version of Autorun USB 1.0 is a freeware and you can download Autorun USB 1.0 from here.
You can even set multiple programmes or multiple documents in the autorun using this software.Just download and install the AutoRun USB service on your Win2000 or WinXP PC. Then edit the autorun.usb text file on the root of your USB Flash drive to set which programs or documents to autorun.Sample of autorun.usb file is shown here.Just add "open = path of the file" to put it in autorun.
-- Example of autorun.usb text file --

If you know anyother ways or softwares to do the same,post it as comment


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