A bloggers confession

Today I was going through blogosphere where I noticed an interesting post by Harsh from Virgin Tech . This guy is really Cool. He honestly published that he Copied things in his startup days from some blogs and today he is confessing for what all he did . Click here to read more .

This kind of self motivation by bloggers is seriously appreciated. So I am throwing a free link for him in my blogroll section . Cheers Virgin .


First of all

Thanx subhash

dude...its a confession and message for all bloggers here....those who did and those who are doing it..!!!

trust me i"m feelin so Good after this confession..!!!

I feel that i have been relieved of some sin..!!!!

And now For my new Blog i can say that each and every post is original...and mine..!!


p@r@noid..a.k.a harsh!!!

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