How to prevent disk check on every restart of Computer in Windows XP ?

Due to heavy power cuts these days ,I restarted my PC many a times without shutting it down properly . This resulted in a abnormal function in my PC where "A check disk utility will run every time I restart the PC " . It checks my disk and it gives no error .But next time I restart my PC , again it will check my PC . Why is it happening and How to prevent disk check on every restart of your computer ?

This actually happens because of Windows setting Dirty bit on a particular drive.

What is Dirty bit ?
A Dirty bit is a bit in a memory cache or virtual memory page that has been modified by the CPU, but not yet written back to storage."If a volume's dirty bit is set , this indicates that the file system of the volume may be in an inconsistent state for one of the following reasons."
  • The dirty bit can be set because the volume is online and has outstanding changes.
  • Changes that were made to the volume and the computer shuts down before the changes were committed to disk
  • The volume is corrupted . If the dirty bit is set when the computer restarts, Chkdsk /f verifies file system integrity and attempts to fix any problems with the volume.
So How to get rid of this ? Technade has a simple solution for you . Follow the steps below .
  • Open Command prompt by navigating as follows Start --> Run and type cmd in run the prompt .
  • Now type fsutil dirty query driveletter: . Replace driveletter with the drive on whom disk checking is running everytime . For E.g if the problem is with E: drive , you have to type fsutil dirty query e: .
  • The result should be The volume is dirty .
  • Now type CHKNTFS /X D: . The X tells Windows not to check that particular drive on the next reboot.
  • Repeat the above 3 steps for all drives on which Check disk runs on every reboot .
  • Now restart the computer and you will see Check disk not running .
  • Now Open Command prompt again and type Chkdsk /f /r driveletter: (E.g for E: drive Chkdsk /f /r E: ) .
  • It will do disk checking in 5 steps and will unset the dirty bit .Again type fsutil dirty query driveletter: and check the result whether drive is dirty or not .
  • Repeat the above two steps for all drives on which disk check is running every time you reboot .
Now restart your PC and there will be no disk check.

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Thanks a TON :)

altough this is an old post, ty very very much

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how to reactivate this in case windows needs disc checking again..?

what about if it is a fat32 drive?
The command CHKNTFS /X [Driveletter]: may not work.

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