How to download a whole album from webshots ?

Yes, This is possible with Firefox browser . Firefox supports Add ons which lets us add extended functionality to our browsing experience . You can download a entire a album from Webshots with one such extension called ' Webshots Photo Album downloader ' .

Note : Users has reported that this add on works for previous versions only . Pls check the alternate method .
Install this addon and restart your Firefox Browser .
To download an album, right click on the link to it and select: Download Webshots Album . A dialog window will popup showing the number of photos you are going to download . It won't notify you after download is completed . Just check your downloads folder for completed download .

Alternate method :
You require the following to your Firefox which are listed below for this one to work .
Now go to your webshots album and search for 28 pictures per page (Max number allowed ) link which will look like this . At the bottom right of your screen you can find a link Get Direct Links!, click that , scroll to the bottom of the page where you can notice links getting populated. Let them complete and you will notice 28 links which look like as follows .

(X will replaced by some random digits or alphabets )

Now right click in the links frame and Click Download Them all . In the download them all window , Check the images and Start downloading .

It might be hard to download only 28 images but its the only way out guys .


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very good. i have been finding everywhere how to take back my hundreds of photos from Webshots, since my computer crashed and stolen and all. I lost all old photos. Thank you very much

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