How to turn off or restart your PC automatically ?

Most of the times , I leave my computer turned on before I go to bed . I always wish I can turn it off but I forget about it .Now as I start tending towards becoming more greener , I mean Environmental friendly , I want to avoid this by having something like a sleep timer in TV which turns it off automatically after a certain point of time . Are you also looking for some kind of free software which shutdown or restart your PC automatically ? I have the answer for you guys .

Multifunction Shutdown Manager is a freeware from http://www.mfshut.de/ which does tasks such as shutdown , restart , Logoff , Standby , Monitor On/Off , File cleanup automatically.

Usage of this application is also quite simple . There are two modes in application as shown in the figure . Relative Mode means if you set time as two hours , The software will execute the designated task in two hours which will start once you click Set Timer . A progress bar below set timer will indicate Time left . Absolute Mode means you have to set specific date and time , when the designated task has to execute and it will execute the task at that point of time .In one line All you need to do is , In the needed Tasks dropdown , Select the task you want to execute , Choose the mode , Set the time and hit set timer .

Have you used any free softwares which serve the same , Let others know by throwing your comment .

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It'll be great, thanks.

nice post..

but we can set timeout for shutdown very easily without using any software

to find that visit


yes it is true that we can shutdown without any software. But this software can perform multipile actions easly.....

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