How to run windows applications in Linux ?

Linux is all time favourite OS for Open source lovers . The only problem people ever have with Linux is applications . They don't have all their favourite windows applications made for Linux . Although Linux has got alternatives for Windows applications , not all have been covered . You can find Open source alternatives for windows applications here . Just go to osalt and enter the name of windows application for which you want to find open source alternative and Osalt will display you the list . Don't want to settle yourself with alternatives ? How to run your favourite windows application in Linux ?

There is a application called WINE ( Wine Is Not an ( windows ) Emulator ) which is a freeware that aims at allowing us to run windows applications in POSIX or Unix like Operating systems .WINE implements the Windows API entirely in user-space, rather than as a kernel module at the time of writing. Services normally provided by the kernel in Windows are provided by a daemon known as wineserver. Wineserver implements basic Windows functionality, as well as providing extra functions such as X Window integration and translation of signals into native Windows exceptions. It just acts as a compatibility layer for running windows applications .

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Once you install WINE , follow the steps below .
  • Check whether WINE is installed or not by typing the command : locate wine . It should display a list of WINE related files .
  • Make sure you have mounted the windows drive .
  • Edit the file /etc/wine.conf by changing the line under ' Drive C ' to Path=/mnt/win .
  • Save the edited wine.conf file and copy the file user.dat to your Windows directory c:/windows/profiles/ .
  • Now type: cd "/mnt/win/Program Files/Accessories" then type: wine ./Notepad.exe .
  • This will run Notepad on your Linux OS. You can load other programs also by giving suitable directory paths .
  • If you are planning to run a game or other program that uses your midi , then Linux midi-sequencer needs to be installed .
Note that for running all kinds of programs you need to load sound and graphics properly related to that program which I can not explain briefly in this post .

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