Nachavule review - A typical Ravi babu direction - Produced by Ramoji Film City

One line review : 50 -50 .. Its a ok kind of picture.

Pro : Comedy in first half of the movie .
Con : Extreme psentiment in second half .

Nachavule is a story of two teens who are just done with their matriculation and how they fell in love after that ( obviously with troubles ). Director ravi babu dealt with the feelings of a teen girl extremely well in the first half of the movie . He was almost nearer to reality in this context . But in the case of the guy , he just came with usual telugu movie stunt featuring a fellow who wont do any other thing in the day except roaming behind the girl and going nuts about her . The family of the guy is somewhat comical . A dad who never cares about his wife and who never knew how to express his love to kids , A mom who does everything to her husband thinking he will thank her someday for what shez doing and defending her kids whenever they do a mistake , A little brother who steal things in his home and sell them in shop . The converstations between the dad and the little brother of the hero are very funny . E.g In telugu paina means Top and kindha means Bottom . The father asks the kid to give names of fruits showing a page with figures of a pine apple on top and a apple in bottom . The kid replies , Paina apple (Top apple) and kindha apple (bottom apple ) [:)] . One more is like the father asks him , if you have six sweets and i ask you to give me two , how many will you have ? The kid replies "Six" . The father aks him how ? The kid replies Its because I wont give you my sweets haha .

The first half of the movie is dealt with the guy trying to find some girl friend as he never had one in his life . He eventually tries and suceeds in impressing Anu to become his friend ( who works in a coffee shop to help her diseased father ) . The hero saves Anu 's father life once and Anu promises him that she will return his favour in any way he asks her . The guy asks her to be his girl friend for 15 days and if she feels he is not good enough for her , she can leave . But Anu fell in love with the guy in the 15 days and she ends up kissing the guy which is recorded by the guy in his mobile . After this , the guy is able to find lot of girls and he forgets Anu . With this the the first half ends and the troublesome second half starts . One day heroes little brother steals his phone and sells it in a mobile shop . The mobile shop owner sees the MMS and circulates it all over as a result of which the girls life gets spoiled . Now the girl hates the guy . In the mean the guys mother fell ill and she dies . But she makes her husband and kids realise how to take care of each other after she dies and what a woman expects from a man . The guy realises this and he is back on business . Now the movie is about what troubles he will cross to get the girl .

Believe me , Second half is extremely psentimental and if the movie would had been a little bit longer , I would had walked out . But the first half is worth watching . Technically the movie is very good like other Ravi babu movies who display some effect of hollywood on his movies photography .

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Gotto watch this movie..

songs are awesome..

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