How to create a shortcut for Windows Search ?

It will be quite good if we have a shortcut to windows search on our desktop . Do you want to place a shortcut to windows on your desktop ? There is a simple solution for this . Just do as follows .
  • Open your notepad by typing Notepad in your start --> Run prompt .
  • Now in the text editor , type the below text .
Set wshshell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
  • Now save the file in .vbs format by choosing options as shown in the figure . Filename is the Name of the shortcut and Save as type is All Files and click on Save .
  • Now the saved file is a shortcut to your windows search .Double click on it and it will open Search window.
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Good information given.

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It would be nice to have it already have a path in it. If I find the answer I will repost.

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How do you modify this so the search service will come up with the name of the file you are trying to find all set up and ready to run???

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