Why not a girl ?

A day back I was returning from my morning walk and I heard a conversation between two women ( Probably educated illiterates ) . The conversation is as follows .

First one : " You know Mrs X had a girl " .
Second one : "Poor X why didn't she had a abortion "
First One : " I heard doctors never let you know whether you are going to
have a boy or girl .Otherwise who wants to have a girl "
Second one : "Yeah , it will just act as burden to their family and nothing
else "

These kind of conversations still can be heard in our society even in a part of educated families which is absolutely pathetic . I don't understand why girls are still considered a burden to the families of these people . People should always understand that giving birth to a girl is a contribution to the society where Male : Female ratio is increasing . If the ratio continues to increase further , a day will surely come when men start fighting for girls . Girls are soft and gentle , but they can survive easily in the present world of opportunities . There are enough jobs for women . People need to understand every job is not done by a person who is tough . There are some jobs which can be handled better by females and they are doing it. I have seen ladies who contribute well to their families and who have been successful . I know girls who even went big in their life and those who are on the way to go bigger . They are never a burden to us instead they are assets which need to be just managed .
I know no illiterate is going to read my blog , but still may be someone among you educate someone among them . Sometimes its good to write about some noble cause .
Don't think of killing girls , Remember you are born to a woman .


The realization should come in the individuals..

No person or program or anything can make these people understand..

You've made a Good point..

Expecting some humorous posts from you..

oh! ..great yar. every one has to keep it in mind .. both boy and girl are equal.adavariki adavare setrvulu.kodaluki atta and adabiddalu setrvulu.why cont woman can change their mind set.be positive ..thanq for this good article

I'm totally shocked by that dialogue, I never thought girls can be considered as burdens to their families... What nonsense! I haven't heard anything more stupid than that...

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