Banned by Adsense

Yes ,I am banned by adsense . On the day I received a mail from adsense that they had banned my account , I was stunned as usual . As we all know adsense never let people know the exact reason behind banning a website. I finally entered some form requesting google to reinstate my account . But nothing happened.

So Why am I banned by Google adsense ?

The only reason I can think of is I am not updating my blog . Yes guys , if you have a high revenue generating blog/website and you are not updating it regularly , Google will consider it as Made For Adsense website (MFA) and they will ban the respective account .

Apart from this , there are lot of reasons why Google might ban your adsense account .

Please check here to find the reasons why Google ban your adsense account .
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Nah, the reason you specified is invalid, Google doesn't mark sites as MFA like this. The reason I see for this is your post:


It is against T&C of Google Adsense to publicize your earning status. :)

Its sad to hear that You got banned From adsense. and yes Shubham Is right You should never Disclose Critical data about your adsense account

@ Amit Banerjee: Wots up? How you doing. Why the interest in adsense? So far I've only seen chitika malls on your blog.

@ Subhash: Thanks for the info. Your blog even opened my eyes to Adsense filtering. Will be blogging aboutt this and leaving a link and trackback to your site.
Take heart and hope you get your account back.

oh really shocking news man.

I find it frustrating as well to hear about a fellow AdSense earner being banned. I hope you find a good alternative.

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