How to enable windows authentication of IIS 7 + in Windows 7 or Vista ? No Windows authentication in IIS ?

I always had a Windows 7 Laptop at my home which I never used for development purposes. Today I installed Windows 7 enterprise version on my office laptop .  I created a website and wanted to set the authentication to Windows . Surprisingly I could see only anonymous authentication which is enabled by default. 

I remember sometime back I was modifying application host config file to play with windows Authentication settings on IIS 7.x .  The configurations of IIS 7 + is not as simple and straight forward as it used to be in IIS 6 and lower version ( Probably Microsoft wanted the IIS admin to be a Geek :) ). So How do we enable Windows authentication in IIS 7 for windows 7 or Vista ?

  • First of all , you should have sufficient administrative access to turn or turn off windows features.
  • If you have the admin previliges , Please go to control panel in Windows and select Programs as shown in figure below.

  • In the settings page that opens, please select Turn windows features on or off .
  • Now Navigate to Internet Information services --> World wide Web Services --> Security and there you should be able to see different kinds of authentications in a dialog window, just as shown in the figure below.

  • Now you can choose the type of authentication you want to be enabled on your IIS 7.x server.
  • If it is Windows authentication , please select windows authentication or if it is Basic authentication , select Basic authentication based on your need.
  • Click Ok after selection and let windows handle it.
  • Now close / Restart your IIS and you should be able to see the chosen authentication types in your IIS as below.

    Hope this has helped you.

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