Train jOUrney @ India

a TRAIN journey @ india can be best xplained by a journey from south to north where u can come across different cultures....First of all lets get stated qwith my journey right from my home this summmer
I got into train round 9 in the night...I started 2 chek the surroundings in view of the mumbai blasts...I found a sealed cover beneath my seat...im frightened until i confimred form others that its of the person on upper berth..............Then night went on/...
The next morning i found that the ppl with whom im traveling are tamilians...Completely worried myself abt their neatness and the way they r gonna b with me for the next 24 hrs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I kept myself silent for the next 2 hrs..but sometims they tried 2 interact with me and i had 2 answer to them with common sense rather than language knowledge.. and i thin i had managed it pretty well... Round 8:30 i started having ma breAKFAST.....suddenly that tamil ppls travelling broker came with idli for them and dropped their pickle on my plate...I felt happy for their kindess to others
But to my hurry i found hats pickle is nothin but squeezed tomatoes....I got angry and throwed my bfast away....The guys who skept in the upper berh came talked for 10 min adn went to sleep again...Again i have 2 spend my time with tamil kids
I got scared and went to my fren to pass time with them...but with the fear of ma articles i came to my seat again..and this time the tamil old ,ans started talkin to me...He is illiterate so far i can infer after the joruney...but he tried 2 act as a iliterate infronbt of hus tamil gang and he asked me a question with foul smell coming from his mouth [Most of tamils dont use tooth brush they prefer tooth powder] Is BSNl better or nokia better?? Man i got completely angry with this question and i was cntrlling m anger....His questionaie was totally 2 hrs in journey with some gaps ..........Frustated myself started 2 wander in train comprmtnets where i can see a lot of ppl with differnt cultures... some saints...some sikhs.. and some muslim troops...every group has their unique feelings.........and I n the night i had 2 eat in the train...They give u a half boiled rice with some unboiled burries for a shitty 37 rs..i Bet if u eat for 5 consecutive days ull die got sure..that how indian railways food is
And i had 2 sleep at 9 pm as the tamlians r oldies and they foreced me 2 sleep at 9...making me wakeup at 4 in the morning from where i reahced noida


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