Google Chrome Review - My first impressions

Google Chrome is the latest web browser released by internet Search giant Google just a few days back with whom Google tried to bring the best of the existing browsers at a single place . You can download Google Chrome here.

The installation will be very smooth. Just Click the big blue button in the link above and you can download and install chrome in no time. It does migration just like as it used to happen with Firefox . It will import all your bookmarks, default search , your usernames and passwords... from IE and Firefox smoothly. Now you are ready to run the browser.

The browser loads pretty quickly compared to Firefox. But the amount of speed with which the page loads will be almost same as Firefox. The omnibar (Adress bar cum Search bar ) is what I like the most in Google Chrome ( I dont have to open Google everytime when I have to search).
There is no title bar in Google Chrome unlike IE and Firefox. And the home page in Google Chrome is a history of the pages you visited the most . This is pretty good feature for those who access some sites regularly and wants to access them in a click.

Most of the things like gears which we had to install separately earlier comes inbuilt with Chrome . The disadvantage for Chrome at this moment is that it don't offer extension capabilities unlike Firefox . I shifted to Firefox because of the Extensions and the tabbing feature both which are not offered by IE those days.Without them Chrome looks to me as a casual browser.

Chrome uses one process for each tab it opens . So even if a page crashes, only that page will closed not the browser.When you close a tab , the process of that tab is closed and the memory allocated is released. If you want to know more , you can check the Google Chrome Book .The DOM ( Document Object Model ) inspector in Chrome reminders me of Firebug through which you can inspect each and every element and, at the same time, traverse though the objects and see the styles aplied to each element. Just Right click on something in page and select ' inspect element ' and it shows CSS/HTML details. For achieving this we had to install Firebug Extension in Firefox.

The task Manager in Chrome is one more chilling feature.It displays plugins and each tab's network , CPU and Memory Usage.The inbuilt spell checker is also quite Helpful .Unlike Firefox where we have annoying popup for downloads , Downloads in Chrome happen in its taskbar with a cool animation in the start (A blue button pointing to the taskbar ).

Finally Chrome looks to me not so Special but as a effort by Google to unify the good features of the rest of browsers. I don't think many of the users might shift from Firefox and IE to chrome at this moment. May be if Google offers something extra ordinary , People might give it a try.

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well.. I prefer SRWare Iron browser

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