How to set date time as text to a excel in DD/MM/YYYY format using ASP.NET ?

Did you ever try to set a date as text to Excel cell using asp.net ? I had this interesting problem today. The date that I have been passing from my code is something like this '02/06/2009' (dd/mm/yyyy) .But When I check the Excel it appeared as '06/02/2009' (mm/dd/yyyy) . Dates with date > 12 will appear correctly in the excel . I tried by setting the format of cells to dd/mm/yyyy but no luck. So How will we achieve it ?

Solution :

To avoid this problem all you need to do is append a single quote (') before your date . i.e '02/06/2009 should be set as text to excel and you will see the date in correct format.

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Excellent, thanks for the tutorial excel it's a very useful tool but very difficult to use ... thanks

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