Google talk with Invisible mode option ( Gtalk invisible Option )

Lot of people use Invisible mode so that they dont get disturbed by people who are idle :).. I am a vivid user of Gtalk and whenever I want to go invisible, i find uncomfortable to open browser and set my status to invisible. I always wondered why Gtalk dont have a invisible option. I made a search to see whether any such plugin does exist. I came across something interesting. We have another version of Gtalk which does have a invisible option. It seems Google tried it in labs but didnt release it ( Probably Google might had lost interest in gtalk..They have lot of failures these days... )

The user interface also looks pretty much cool. You have a small login window which looks as it is in Gmail. Chats will open in tabs in main window which I didnt like that much. I could not find any option to pop out the chat tab from main window. The tray menu has individual options for launching Gmail,Calendar and Orkut.

Strange thing I found is that I dont have many options when it comes to settings. The only option that we have are for enabling notifications and for making Gmail as default client.

Its a pretty much try in labs for making Gtalk as a peppy client but they still have long way to Go :)...

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there's one option missing, Check inbox :(

haha I didnt observe it :O ...Probably Google feels more confident on Auto Inbox check..

not able to login using lab edition

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