Everyday changes - From letters to phones

After a long time, I am visiting a village where I had spent most of my holidays in childhood. It brings in lot of memories which gives me a feeling as if I had been living for centuries seeing so much transformation in human life.

There were times when we used to wait for a inland letter from my grandfather which was the only way of communication in those days. I still remember how I used to find lines written for me in the light blue colored Indian Inland letter :)...Inland letters are definitely a relic of the past.

After a decade of communication with letters, we started hearing about land line phone. I still remember how overwhelmed I was when my father ordered our first wired telephone connection. It was a celebration in those good old days :)..It is still a memory where we used to wait for hours in STD booth just to have a 5 minute call with my grand parents.

Then came the generation where we used to make short expensive calls from our home phones. After that the real revolution in Indian telecom has started.

With the advent of change of in telecom regulations, Mobile telephony boomed in India in the last decade. Mobile phone transformed itself from a luxury to a necessity for most of the people in India. It all started with Voice and then made it into every part of life through data services.

We now hear about 3G and other services that are offered through it today. Most of the people are addicted to the day to day activities that could be done using mobile phone today esp internet. Emails .

If we think about the changes we have seen in technology, it seems as if we have been living for generations. But technology changes and revolutions keep on happening. If you have any ideas of next generation mobile phones, please drop your valuable comment.

Pro's and Con's of Mobile phone Usage - Please stay tuned to read this in our next articles.


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