Now you can turn off Internet Explorer in Windows

Yes , you are reading it correctly . You can turn off Internet Explorer in your windows now . Microsoft now lets us turn off some windows key features. Continue for further details.
with Windows 7, users will have the option of disabling a number of features of the operating system . Microsoft has been facing lot of regulatory and anti trust issues in the recent times .Microsoft lost a long-running battle with EU antitrust regulators in 2007 over the way it bundled media player software into the Windows operating system.In the media player dispute, European union heavily fined Microsoft and forced it to sell a version of Windows without the offending program installed. To avoid such kind of issues , I think Microsoft has came up with this solution .

  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Media Center
  • Windows DVD
  • Windows Search
  • Handwriting Recognition (through the Tablet PC Components option)
  • Windows Gadget Platform
  • Fax and Scan
  • XPS Viewer and Services (including the Virtual Print Driver)
With windows 7 Microsoft has stripped most of the programs from the Operating system Which are still available for download on Windows Live .

I dont like the way how people actually look at Microsoft . They developed things which are better than others and before any one does something , MS does it .Thats why they are here . They have better marketing strategies in place . But people always cry on Microsoft . They want a operating system for free . :) .If a OS comes out without anything , then are these people happy ?

What do you feel about Microsoft ? Lets others know through your comments .

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I feel Microsoft is the king of all OS and Google is the king of internet.
I'll back you of what you have said about Microsoft.

yes i removed IE from add remove programs> components. Firefox is the only king, i don't like chrome for some obvious reasons opera and safari are good too, but since using Firefox over the years no plans what-so-ever of changing my default browser(Firefox).

People dislike IE, and that's evident with Aptiquant's hoax study and how people received it. But what people fail to see is the current improvements Microsoft had for IE9. I'm not big on IE either, but I wouldn't go as far as removing it from my system.

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Oh, I've heard about that study, where they say that IE users are of a lesser intellect and Opera users are of a supreme, higher level. I was dubious of that and really proceeded to believe it's all just some elaborate scheme that vilifies Microsoft.

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It sounds like something dangerous. I don't think that I might try that because I don't want to loose my pc.

And update on the discussion above. It is a hoax. It's perpetrated by ApTiquant. It's a glib conclusion right from the start.

That's what I like about Windows 7. You can almost navigate its default applications. I find that great.

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With the dawn of IE6, people are expecting Microsoft to eventually put other IE versions to rest. It's a bit of a karma to what they did with Netscape.

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I didn't know that you can turn off Internet Explorer on Windows. I'm glad I stumbled upon your post. This is a great information, thanks for sharing!

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