TCS to layoff more people in the coming days

Sources has revealed that the TCS, India 's largest software giant is going to take few tough steps to sustain in the present environment . Since economists and experts don't see a economy recovery in the near time , most of the customers are feeling the pain of slowdown and are pressurising the outsourcers to maximise the efficiencies . To keep itself equipped against the global economic activity , the company has rolled out four measures which are going to be implemented with immediate effect .The four measures are as follows :

  • There will be no recruitment of experienced professionals unless the company feels its extremely required . People will be given cross skill training to manage the internal needs .
  • Since outsourcing means saving money by working from a low cost place , the company will concentrate more on offshore leverage . Non Critical positions on onsite will be moved to offshore .
  • There will be no promotions until the situation improves .
  • If you are in the underperforming section or in the under utilised section , the company might counsel you or might even ask you to leave .
Its not only TCS , all the companies are implementing different kind of measures to sustain in the present environment . It might not sound good to the employees , but if the companies has to sustain , they have to undertake this . The companies are trying to do everything so as to retain employees . As a employee of the organisation , its time for us to stand by them and help them sustain . Do remember that When your company does good , it will always do good to you .

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