Tata Nano Review - Shall I go for a Nano or Maruti 800 ?

Hmmm this is a million dollar question to be answered .After reading lot of reviews and listening to people i personally built a opinion on this people 's car .So will I buy a nano or not ? What opinion do i have on Nano ?

When I start thinking about Nano ,the first ever question in my mind is Why TATA built this car ?? His Indica is doing good so as his Ace which are priced above 2 lakhs .When I heard his reply to this question , I am so happy that now Indian business echelons are thinking of customers.For your information Indian business people are never conscious of customer satisfaction. Indian customers never question about the quality of the product . Seeing a family travelling on a scooter with a kid standing in the front , a dad driving it and a mom holding a baby in her lap and if possible one more kid between the dad and mom,Mr Tata wanted to build something that will revolutionize these peoples lives.When I started thinking what he can build in a lakh , My thinking can not go beyond a Auto Rickshaw .But I was surprised when 6 feet Ratan came out of our little peppy toy called Nano in Auto Expo last year .

Did you ever hear of something called a operational efficiency ?? Nano is a perfect example of operational efficiency . You can read How Mr Ratan and his team achieved this here !! The Nano team of 500 people did a very brilliant job in building this little car . They achieved price efficiency mainly in material and by taking advantage of low cost Indian labour . They used plastic instead of metal but with no compromise in safety norms . As per TATA motors Nano will satisfy all the safety norms .

As a Indian , I am proud of what Mr Tata as achieved . They showed the world a brutal example of engineering . They proved the world that we the Indians are capable of achieving things rather than jut using things someone else has invented. So what things I consider can be reasons for buying the Nano ?

Pro s of Nano :
* Every one knows the Nano .Having it will be a kind of status symbol in earlier days . People ask you lot of questions about it .
* Cool design . A one lakh car is not expected to be so cool in design but the Indian automaker made it. Its peppy look does force me to buy it .It beats Maurti 800 in this point
* Brand TATA : TATA s products are known for their quality. Tata Vehicles are very low on maintenance so as Will be Nano .
* Price Tag : Not to be mentioned , yes I will certainly buy the Nano for its price tag . Its the lowest priced car in the world .
* Mileage : Nano will offer you more mileage that most of the other cars .Tata Motors say it will give you 20 + .

How is Nano in comparision with other cars ? Read on here .

Con s of Nano :

* In start may be the car might be a status symbol but with its numbers increasing and every one having it , you may not feel so elited of having it .
*A rear mounted engine with roaring sound reminds me of a sports car but its Nano man .This rear mounted engine surely reminds me of a diesel Auto :).
* Speed matters . Its top speed is claimed to be a bit above 100 but I dont think a 600 + cc engine can do it with 4 people on board .
* Its nearest competitor Maruti 800 is among the most reliable vehicles from the Indian car stable . It has been tested through times and its a tough vehicle. I personally own it and there is not doubt about it . It offers me a mileage of around 18 - 20 most of the times .Most of the people are still in a kind of dilemma whether Nano first version may have some glitches like Indica initial release .
* If you think of price tag , The basic nano which is of 1 lakh which will be given only to first one lakh customers and thats also on the basis of a electronic lottery . If I am buying a car for my family , I will surely look for something that has a air conditioner .For a Nano having a air conditioner , I have to pay around 1.7 lakh and I can get a Maruti 800 if I can afford 30 k more .
* Not to forget this , The most annoying thing is the application form and the deposit price. They charge 300 rs for a application and the deposit price is arround 70 k .Tata might had put this one to avoid huge bookings from customers but as a customer its not that much comfortable.
*Its dashboard looks to me much like a auto dashboard . I am not at all impressed with it dashboard did not give me a rich feel of a good car .
When I summarize all the pros and cons I dont see many strong reasons for buying the Nano .But yes , its a new kid on the block . If you like trying new things, you can book one .If you care about each penny you spend , you can save 30 k by going for a nano instead of a Maruti 800 .

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Tata has always taken care on his makes that even a common man can afford for the same and they launched Tata nano the cheapest car among all the cars in India

The maruti 8oo is much better then the Tata Nano, Its has been a good car since the date of launch and has given much good performance.

Tata has always given a flexible rate to the folks as it can be afforded by any individual in India even a common man can dream of owning a car now

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