Enhance your Gmail Experience with Better Gmail Firefox Addon

Normally people enhance their email experience by tweaking their Gmail with Grease Monkey scripts . But for that you need to install the grease monkey extension and then download the scripts . I found a extension on Cnet which will enhance your gmail experience without needing to download any scripts .

The extension is Better Gmail . What are its features ?? Here they are :

  • Integrates Google Reader and Google calendar into the Gmail interface.
  • Show disk Usage in Progress bar .
  • Converts the attachment icon to an appropriate icon.
  • Gives you a conversation preview window.
  • Label colours and smart Read Button
  • Search by date option .
  • Offers a filter creation assistant.
  • Cool skins for your Gmail as shown in the figure.
  • It contains an attachment reminder.
  • Folders for Gmail etc ..............................


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