How to change your adsense payee name ?

If you want to change your address in your adsense account , you can do it easily . But what if you want to change the payee name of your account ?? I had to do it for getting my money under new payee name . I just Googled about it and found the answer in adsense help . So what has to be done to change your adsense payee name ?

  • Go to this Adsense support page.

  • In the page you can see the Radio Buttons as shown in the figure.

  • Now Navigate as follows.The same is shown in the figure.

Account issues ---> Want to change my payee name

  • Now click continue and a form appears now .Fill it

  • While filling the form , you might find some questions at the end like , What was the first day you recieved your page impression and how many page impressions did you get on that day ?

To get answers of these questions, follow the steps below.

1. Log into your AdSense account at www.google.com/adsense

2. Select the Reports tab

3. Visit the Advanced Reports page

4. Select All time from the date range drop-down menu

5. Select the Aggregate data radio button

6. Click Display report

  • After filling the form completely , Click on Submit and you are done.

  • Adsense will take 48 hours to update your payee name , provided all the information is entered correctly.

For those who update their payee name for recieving their adsense payment through western Union, Remeber that Google starts processing payments on the 16th of each month. If you’re scheduled to receive a payment this month and your account is updated after the 16th, your payment will be issued to your old payee name.

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The mere fact that you can post on this shows that it isn't the easiest thing to accomplish. Thanks for the post.

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This article is good and informative.

yours truly,

Hey one of the information we needed to give is this.

Date your AdSense account first registered impressions:

My information to be given is 09 Jan 08. However in the listbox given, there is no 2008, only 2007.

Any idea why?

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