Gmail trick : How to change your Gmail ID to a fancy Gmail ID ??

A very cool trick . You can impress your girl friend with this . What does my trick do ??

With this simple trick , you can give a unique fancy email ID to each of your friend .How to achieve this ?? Simple.See the example below .

E.g subhash.veeravalli@gmail.com [Original ID ]
subhash.veeravalli+Technova@gmail.com [Fancy ID ]
subhash.veeravalli+Fivepointsomeone@gmail.com [ Fancy ID]

So if your gmail id is *******@gmail.com , your fancy ID can be *******+ [ any text here]@gmail.com

You can add anything after the "+" in the Fancy ID above .I hope you will love this.

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how could i change my gmail id pls suggest

i want to change my id in gmail

i also want to change my user id in gmail?pls suggest me how can i do this?

dunno if this actually works...could u suggest a way to change my email id without affecting any of my pre existing group identities, etc?

so its cool....... than may i know the procedure<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hey it works cool man... hats off...

how could i change my gmail id pls suggest

how could change my existing email id name to another new id name.is it possible?????pls reply

u can change ur id!!
mail me haldkar.vikash@gmail.com

how could i change my gmail id pls suggest
present email mr.panda007@gmail.com

i want to do the short my g.mail id pls give me solution in my viveksinghup.singh@gmail.com



i want to change my id pls how can i change my id?

i want to change my id.
please tell me the procedure to do the same.

how to change my gmail account

plz tell me how can i change my Gmail id

how to change my gmail id

i dodn't want previous ID.i want to change whole Id,is it possible,plz sugest..............

i want to change my id
convert it to new id
so how can i

not required informations

i want to change my gmail id

how to change the id

How can i converte my Gmail Address?
Please learn me the way of changing.

From: Milad

how can i change my id in orkut when it is accessed from gmail can u help me out please

who can i cange my gmail id can u give me som soultion

was wondering how to change my g mail id

how to change a fancy id to official id?

NO Procedure required.
Just if your id is santhosh@gmail.com . Then give your email id as santhosh+Ash@gmail.com to some one,
If they send emails to santhosh+ash@gmail.com you will recieve that in your Inbox ( ie Inbox of santhosh@gmail.com )


i need to change my gmail id.....plz tellme.....this is my mail id.....mkasmart@gmail.com

i need to change my mail id..plz tell me

Plz tell me the process of changing my mail id...... mail me with the procedure details to my id- ss.999pretty@gmail.com

It is not possible to change email id
there is no procedure, only u can do is to create new id and delete old or use both.

it is possible to change your email id
for more information please send your mail to

change my e-mail id


It's very easy nothing to ask someone else just divert old ID mail to new ID as u created.

change my id in gmail

i want change my gmail id,

i want to chenge my id

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i would like to change my email id.
the present mail id is kamalraj.karikkuzhy@gmail .com

it downs not work

i want to change my gmail id

how i can change Google Gmail user id and how to add plus + sign to it ?

i want to changem my e mail id

i want to change my e mail address

how can i change my existing e-mail ID without adding d sign and text as said before.i.e.,i want to rewrite my ID.kindly send an alternative to bizzareuniverse@gmail.com thank you!


my id is too long i want to make my id short please get me the way to change my id if you know give your comment i will check on 8th evening or 9th

solution is no more....

All r dumb.. U want to change ur mail id or want it short, than just dlt this id. Or create another gmail account..
It simple buddy.. Any doubt mail me..

hi i want to change my present email id to another email id does it possible do all my contacts i loose pls reply


i need fancy email id how can i change it

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