How to remove the Virus " I don't hate Mozilla But use IE or Else ..... "

The solution to this virus is same as the one I provided earlier to " How to remove the Virus Orkut is banned you fool " .The same solution can also be used for " How to remove the Virus Youtube is banned you fool " . This virus even infects XP with SP2 and most of the antivirus solutions leave this undetected .

* Open you task manager by pressing ctrl+Alt+Del
* Now go to processes tab and click users so as to arrange the processes according to the users.
* Now look for svchost.exe run by User name “user” or “admin” or “your computer name”. Right click and end the svchost.exe processes where the User Name is not “SYSTEM” or “NETWORK SERVICE” or “LOCAL SERVICE”.
* Next Open you command prompt by Clicking Start > Run and then typing cmd in the text box and hitting enter.
* In the dialogue window, type “ cd \ ” and press Enter
* It will change to C:\>
* Next, type " attrib -s -r -h heap41a /s /d "[without quotes ] and press Enter
* Then Open C: on My computer and delete the folder heap41a ie C:\heap41a
* Now remove C:\heap41a\svchost.exe shortcut from C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (Or Start > All Programs >Startup)

By doing this you deleted the virus. This virus mainly spreads through pen drives. Whenever you insert a pen drive , try to delete the autorun.inf file in it and other hidden .exe files inside it which are shown with folder icon.

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I appreciate you way of tackling with the virus..m also kinda troubleshooting guy in my hostel and i have come up with this problem quite often..i dealt with it by removing the contents of the folder from safe mode..anyway its nice to see ur efforts and choice of handling the problem..cheers

great job..
u cure my pc..

thanks a lot thanks

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Thanks a lot! Great job!

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