How to get your paypal money as cash in India ?

Update : Paypal has just introduced transfer of funds to Indian Bank accounts . All you need is a bank account from a Indian bank like State Bank of India , Bank of India, Canara Bank , Union Bank of India, HDFC Bank , ICICI Bank , ING VYSYA Bank , Axis Bank , Standard Chartered Bank , HSBC Bank and Citibank . If your withdrawal is above 7,000 they are not charging anything but if its below 7k they will charge 50 rupees .keep in mind that your name on Bank records and PayPal account should match with each other. You’ll also need to call your bank and ask for your uniquely identified IFSCI (Indian Financial System Code). Other than this the other ways available are listed below .

Paypal is one of the world’s largest payment processing service.Especially most of the payments for paid posts will be done on your paypal account only . Normally you have to spend whatever you get in Paypal account by shopping or investing online. But if you need it as hardcash especially in countries like India , what will you have to do ??

There are many ways to get your paypal money as cash but very less are supported for Asian countries like India. But remember before you withdraw the money as cash you need to have good amount of money in your account .Here are the ways :

The paypal way :

Normally Paypal by default provides a withdraw function from which you can withdraw the money and get a cheque of t at your doorsteps. But the delivery charge is high when you are drawing amounts less than 100$ and the cheque won't reach as soon as you expect . And even when you drop the cheque in your bank , they will charge you some more bucks making you lose a great amount .

Paypal recently added this for its users . When you login and click on my account tab , you can see the following image on the right of the page .

Paypal now allows you to withdraw money from your Visa debit card or credit card .
What you have to do for this ??


Log in to your account and click the ‘Withdraw’ tab.

Click ‘Transfer funds to your card’.
Fill in the required information and click ‘Continue’.
PayPal completes the transfer in 5-7 working days, but your Visa® card issuer’s policies may affect the processing time and could take longer. But the withdrawal fee is high as usual .You can check the fees here .So unless if you have very large amount in your account , you can't use this .

Xoom :

Xoom is the best way at this moment to get money from Paypal in India. They provide absolute safe and functional service. You can get your Paypal money deposited in your bank account in India in no more than 3 days. Then you can also pick handcash by visiting any Xoom center in your city or even at any Punjab National Bank (PNB). They even deliver draft of your money at your home. Their fees are very low compared to other services and is almost 50% when compared to western union money transfer .

My friend Rishi has mentioned one more way to get paypal money via some virtual card. Check it out .

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