Backup your Mobile with Microsoft Phone Data Manager

A day back I accidentally clicked on Master Reset in my phone and found out that it my contacts , Pictures and everything . I took backup on my PC earlier but I formatted it just a day back . So I ended up in a situation where I have phone with nothing inside .

Recently changed your phone ? Want to get the previous contacts ?

I think most of you might be coming across ese kind of situations . What if you have something which lets you keep backup of your phone online ?

Microsoft has recently released a tool called Microsoft® Phone Data Manager Beta which is specific to backup your contacts , music , videos and pictures on your phone .Phone Data Manager is a PC pplication which enables you connect your mobile with your PC via bluetooth or internet .

Microsoft® Phone Data Manager Beta synchronizes the contacts present in your phone with your contact store on Windows Live Contacts, which is the same store that your Hotmail contacts uses. If you lose, or simply change your phone, all you need to do is to synchronize the contacts using Microsoft® Phone Data Manager Beta, and all the contacts that you stored in your Windows Live Contacts store will be downloaded to your phone. You can synchronize your contacts as many times as you like so that the changes you make (edits, additions or deletions) on your phone, or on the computer on Windows Live Contacts are always reflected on both your phone and the Windows Live Contacts store.

In case of music and videos , Phone data Manager is not going to store them online . Instead it will store them in the local application folder on your PC .

To do all these , You will need to have a Windows Live ID . If you do not have one, you will be prompted to create one while you use the application.

Will my phone work with Phone Data Manager ?

Oh yeah , Please check the list of Mobile phones supported and not supported by Phone Datamanager here .

What are you waiting for ? Download the application and Synchronise your contacts online .

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