How to print just only the items you like on a webpage ?

Most of the time when you print a webpage what you observe is that you print a lot of things which you don't require like images , advertisements , blank spaces and all . These things waste a lot of paper when you get the webpage printed . I found a wonderful service which lets you customise how webpages look when you get them printed so that you can add your part to save our environment .

The service is PrintWhatYouLike .It lets you edit any public page in your browser . There is no need of installing anything . You can do things like changing page font size and type, remove the background, and remove images .You can edit any part of the page by clicking a page element or selecting text. Any selection can be removed, isolated or widened . It even lets you combine multiple webpages and get them printed as one document .

All you need to do is enter the URL , edit the page until you get the required result and print it .

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i am sure this will interest lot of folks

This is good info to know. Grammar note for you: "just" and "only" have the same basic meaning. Remove one word from the title.

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