Searchme : A new way to search

If you search for something in search engines , you will get links and some text in the links as results . Today I came across a very good search engine , which added a new dimension to web search . The service is Searchme , which lets you view the pages that are going to appear as results in a stack as shown in the figure .As you start typing, categories that relate to your query start to appear. Once you choose a category, you’ll see pictures of web pages that answer your search. You can review these pages quickly to find just the information you’re looking for, before you click them . This lets reduce you going to useless links thus by saving your time .It even lets you search for a particular word in a particular category .

As per John's blog , Searchme has been backed up by Sequoia Capital who earlier backed Yahoo and Google.A first view of the search engine reminds me of Iphone kind of interface . This website is a clear indication of how User Interfaces can be reinvented .

Searchme even has got a Toolbar , Browser extension like other search engines . They even got a widget so that you can place it on your website or blog .

Download Searchme Toolbar for Firefox .

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