How Indians grew up ?

Today I was traveling in a local bus where I saw a incident which drove me to write this article " How we the Indians grew up from a bunch of laborers to millionaires ? " . There are lot of barriers which we crossed to stand as top notch people in the world .

After India got independence ( They say it independence but its actually nothing but a state where British left us after exploitation of our wealth ) we had nothing with us except population . Even though there were great leaders at those times , they had no time to spend developing the nation . They spent their entire life settling clashes between communities and all . Then came a generation of leaders who wanted to develop the nation , but they are killed . The next generation of leaders are witty unlike their elders. They understood the fact that the people are just scapegoats as they know voting to only a single party. In India barely there were literates at that time . So we have a country full of illiterate people , Fox minded leaders and poor farmers . Then how we developed ?

Let me tell you what I saw in the bus.

The local bus was crossing HAL ( Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ) where a prototype of a missile and a tanker were kept outside . There was a big poster of Dhruv ( A army helicopter ) also . In a seat behind me , a father and a son were seated. As soon as the son ( some 6 years old ) saw this , he asked his father "Appa (Father) , What is this ? ". The father , a illiterate , who was badly drunk at that time was silent for a while . Then he said a word to his son "Dear , these are all what you are going to make in the future . These are rockets and Helicophters " . He continued " I am working everyday night so that you can study well and make these someday . You should extract every drop of your blood to study . You should squeeze yourself to become someone who makes all of these someday . I am ready to do anything to get you educated . I love you son ".

May be today the son don't understand his fathers pain today , but someday he will ( Because the father will not stop drinking ) . :) . These kind of words almost everyone in our older generation had heard from their fathers and may be some of us also . The fathers who realised the importance of education and who dont want their children to lead a miserable life like them , always try to pour this into their childrens minds . These words someday will motivate the child to do something big and that is what has made most of the India today . I agree there is still a lot of room to improve but we came a lot forward and I hope we will keep moving . Cheers to my nation .


Great post , truly education has transformed most of India. But still there are many villages which dont even have a primary school.

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