Sync your bookmarks across multiple computers with Foxmarks

Are you looking for a way to Sync your Firefox bookmarks across multiple Computers ?

There is one extension which lets you achieve this .The extension is Foxmarks. It is a free add-on for your Firefox browser that syncs your bookmarks across multiple computers .Using this you will never lose a bookmark . Foxmarks backs up your bookmarks every time you change. You can always view and restore your old bookmarks on Foxmarks web site.Once you setup Foxmarks on your PC, you can sync it with as many as you want. Changes made to bookmarks in server will automatically reflected in the others.Foxmarks also lets you share your favorite bookmarks with your friends.The sharing server can display your bookmarks on a web page, in an RSS feed, or as a widget so that you can add to your own blog or website.Foxmarks also lets you customise which bookmarks need to sync with which computer.It also lets you export your bookmarks to a file in the hard disk .

So what are you looking for ? Download Foxmarks.

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